Here are the most common questions about Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard App.

Is Paper Wizard a free to play game?
Yes! We made our game completely free so you can invest your money elsewhere.

Is Paper Wizard for players of all ages?
If you are old enough to tap, you are old enough to toss (a newspaper).

What can I purchase with Warren Bucks that I earn in-game?
Nothing. The real reward is a job well done.

Are Warren Bucks a new cryptocurrency?

How many people did it take to make Paper Wizard?
Warren Buffett was the mastermind, and he had a little help from his friends at Apple.

Did Warren Buffett really get that high score?
What do you think?

What happens if I beat Warren Buffett’s high score?
Good luck.

Will you be expanding the game to include more paper routes in different cities?
For now, Omaha and Cupertino will be our maps. We don’t have any expansion packs planned yet.

Will Warren Buffett give me some money?
No, but he can give you some sensible, long-term investing tips.

Why did you make this game?
Warren Buffett used to participate in a paper-toss competition during the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. Due to the popularity of the event, Warren couldn’t toss against everyone. So he found another way for all of his fans to challenge him.

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